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The Crime Observatory (Observatorio de la Delincuencia, ODA) is an initiative emerged from the Institute of Criminology of Malaga (Spain) and a center for the study of crime evolution

Its main objectives are:

1.- To be a source of information of official data..
2.-To perform empirical studies on different aspects of the criminal phenomenon.
3.- o be a specialized documentation center.

Regardless, the main objective of the ODA is to present assessed and reliable information on criminality. Currently, is mass media who provides criminal information to citizens. Such media, used with purposes that go beyond information itself, usually unshapes reality, creating social alarm and fear. This Observatory intends to report about the quantity and evolution of crime, mainly through official data, adding to it the expertise needed for their correct interpretation. The result of this activity will be an annual report that offers a serious and through analysis of criminal problems.

José Luis Díez Ripollés, Director of the Institute of Criminology. Malaga (Spain).

Report 2013

Courts according to the data - Specific reference to Criminal Courts

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Contact us at: oda@uma.es - Tfno.: 952 13 23 25 / Fax: 952 13 22 42